Every New-Yorker has been there – you get back to your car after work, during errands or after hanging out with friends – only to find out you misplaced your key, or even worse, had them stolen.

Have no fear – here are a few helpful tips, from the experts, for getting back in; Without pestering your neighbors or calling for a pricy rescue.

locked out of your car
locked out of your car?

Keyless unlocking in cars

Unlike older cars, that can be opened manually by a key, newer cars are extremely varied in their locking mechanism. Factor to consider, both in new cars and old ones, is the lock’s location.

Varied as they may, all newer cars share a single common factor: They have a remote control and power locks, so some of these tips might not work.

Now that we got that out of the way – we set our sights on our goal: Unlocking the car.

The endgame is about manipulating the locking mechanism, located on the inside of the car door, by inserting a tool – makeshift or otherwise – though a crack in the door.


Method 1: Plastic!

It may sound too simple to be true, but in some cars, unlocking it is as simple as sliding a piece pf plastic – shaped as a strap that can grab the locking mechanism – though the crack of the door. With a bit of patience and accuracy, you can get the job done – and save time and money.


Method 2: The classic

Just like in the movies, using a wire coat hanger to unlock your car door. The “point” is to make the hanger into a type of hook that can grab the locking mechanism, slid it though the crack of the door, and jiggle it. With a bit of luck, you’ll have something cool to brag about at dinner.


Method 3: Call for help

If all else fails, there’s no shame in calling in a professional that can get to your quickly and unlock your door, without the hussle, using professional tools and gear, herby avoiding unnecessary damage to your car.


Know of any other cool methods for opening a car door? Tell us in the comments section or call for a locksmith 10128

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