Auto Theft May Be Down, But It’s Not Out

While New York mayor Bill de Blasio, and former mayors’ Michael Bloomberg and Rudolph Giuliani often spoke about the city’s radical crime reductions during their tenure, often the headline grabbing news was on “big ticket” items, namely murders, rapes and home break-ins. But the decline in automobile theft is no less stunning. So common was auto theft some 25 years ago, that a recent New York Times article written on the topic described the sound of blaring late night car alarms as “the city’s after-hours soundtrack.”
Like penicillin all but eliminating Polio, new anti-theft and computerized locking mechanisms have essentially put the boot on would be crooks preventing them from carrying out their criminal acts. Since 1990 New York City’s auto crime has nosedived 96 percent.

But in a city of millions, even a small percentage of annual car theft still amounts to thousands of incidents. In fact, despite herculean strides, New York still records more than thousands car thefts per year. And these statistics say nothing about attempted break-ins and the damage caused by forced entry. In worst-case scenarios, windows, driver side door panels and ignition key entries all require replacement, costing thousands of dollars. More troubling still, is that while overall car theft has dropped, older cars (eight years old and older) are often at higher risk of theft due to key copying ease and less sophisticated anti-theft technology. In New York’s middle class and working class communities, older cars are the norm and car theft remains a pressing concern.
Nobody wants to leave a New York Knicks buzzer beater only to feel the flagrant foul of a violation of one’s personal space as intrusive and unsettling as car theft. Even more trivial snags like losing your keys can be nearly as frustrating.

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Locksmith Leader Speeding To Your Rescue

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Anti-Lock Brakes Plus “Pro-Lock” Locksmith Means Automotive Peace Of Mind

The bottom line: a 96 percent reduction in car theft is an amazing achievement and all of New York’s recent mayors deserve credit in helping to put the brakes on such an offensive crime. But neighborhoods like the Upper East Side or Westchester remain at risk as long as there are easier cars to steal. Volt Locksmith responds to your automotive needs with pedal-to-the-metal speed and is eager to continue what mayor Mike, Rudy Giuliani and Bill de Blasio have begun and continue driving car theft right out of town.
Car theft? Fuggedaboutit!

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