The question you want to ask yourself if you live on the Upper East Side is simple. Have I been burglarized or will I be burglarized? Breaking and entering, burglary, home invasions or felony Assaults… they all start with one thing, the Illegal entry into your home. Major crimes – murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, grand larceny and grand larceny auto – are up 7.53% the first half of 2016 alone on the Upper East Side!

The second question you want to ask yourself is not so simple. How many people have keys to your home? The builder, the builder’s contractors, former tenants, friend and families of former tenants, the super; who else has keys to your home or apartment? Just how many keys are on the street that will open your door?.

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We’re New Yorkers, so we are smart, savvy and tough. However, that may not be enough. Remember, the thug who is looking for an apartment to break into… he’s a New Yorker too. Cheap deadbolts, old locks you inherited with your apartment, broken peepholes and an unknown number of keys to your door are not being smart, savvy or tough. It’s just asking for trouble.

Remember this fact; the FBI says that if you are a victim of a successful burglary… you increase your chances of additional future burglaries! How can you keep from becoming a reoccurring statistic? Fortify your home now! Let Upper East side Volt Locksmiths 10128 energize your level of home protection. Remember, you can either call us before you are the victim of a burglary…or you can call us after to repair the damage.

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Unlocking The Volt Difference

Volt Locksmith is committed to providing our customers in New York with best-in-class quality automotive, business, emergency and domestic locksmith work.

Expert sanitary workmanship is something we outright guarantee, adopting a “take out what we bring in” “camping” policy. However, what we truly pride ourselves on and what really sets us apart from the competition is our emphasis on trustworthiness, reliability, and excellence in customer service.

Anytime we make you a promise or provide an appraisal, you can take it to the bank! Our word is our bond! You can count on us every single time. Whenever you need the very best in locksmith service, we will be there for you, 100% guaranteed. In a matter of speaking, you could say your needs are in “lockstep” with our capabilities.

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