Keep your home and loved ones safe with just a few changes to your habits

Every New-Yorker, unfortunately, must deal with the possibility of unwanted visitors to their home. Even with current advances and tech developments in home security, there are no replacement of good old tips and tricks that remained relevant for decades.

Home security tips and advices
Home security tips and advices

In this article we’ll briefly discuss adapting a few habits that will help anyone, of any means, keep their home and loved ones safe and sound, even with the rapid advancement we are experiencing in home security measures.

Here we go!


Lock up every time, even when leaving for a few minutes

Be sure to lock your doors and windows every time you leave your home, even if it’s for a few minutes. In the time you went to buy milk from the 7/11 across the street, for example, someone can just walk in and take any valuables that are in sight.

It may seem like a chore for the first few times – especially because you have the keys to deal with – but once it becomes a part of your routine you’ll not only keep your home safer, but gain some peace of mind as well.


Make your home seem occupied at all times

Burglars usually try to break into homes that appear empty, to minimize the risk of being discovered. Making your home look occupied, even when it’s not, will make it less of a “target” to any potential thief.

One way to do this is to keep your indoor lights on, so that that light can be seen from the outside. Turning on your T.V or radio also helps, as long as sounds can also be heard. You can also use a timer to make it seem more authentic.


Don’t keep spare keys in easy to find places

It may be comfortable to keep a spare key under the doormat or in the electric box, but these are also the first places burglars will look when trying to find a way into your home.

Try and be creative when hiding the spare key, such as burying it – or even better, have a trustworthy neighbor keep one.

If you hid a spare key and can’t find or trace it to someone you know and trust, change your locks immediately. Burglars can and will take a hidden spare key only to use it later.


Never turn you key over to cleaners without credentials

It’s extremely risky to give your house keys to professional cleaners without positive references and credentials, even if it’s only for a few hours. Be sure to hire on these criteria.

Get a dog

Dogs are excellent deterrents to burglars – even a small dog will usually bark at a stranger and draw attention, the last thing any burglar wants.

Just remember that dogs are a big responsibility, and are not solely a means to guard your home – they are pets and companions to be cared for as well.


Adopting just a few of these tips is sure to enhance your home security, and thwart potential thieves from breaking into your home.

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