Has the lock of your car suddenly got stuck? If yes, you have to make the right decision at the right time to get rid of the situation. We often find that people get nervous in such a situation and as a result, they make the system more complicated.

However, one of the most important reasons for car lockout is the loss of car keys. Using the right techniques at the right time is important if you want to unlock the car. Using the right process may help you unlock it at the first attempt. But now the question is how you can handle the particular situation. Well, in such a situation, hiring an emergency locksmith can ease the process. However, you can try the following process to unlock the car yourself.

Use of a tennis ball:  Using a tennis ball is one of the greatest ways to unlock a car door. You can make a hole on the chest of the ball and then place the hole on the keys and push it properly against the lock. The generated air leads the lock’s mechanism to unlock the car.

Try to use a rod and a screwdriver: The use of a rod and a screwdriver is a great way to unlock the locked car. When you create a gap by using the rod and later you try to connect the lock’s mechanism by engaging the screwdriver, you can easily open the lock of your car.

Use a spatula: Using a spatula is one of the best ways to unlock the door of the car. The process performs similarly as the screwdriver process.

Utilize an inflatable wedge: The method deals with the problems similarly to the previous one. You can easily open the car door by using this method.

If nothing works, you don’t need to give up hope. Please consult an emergency locksmith to deal with the car lockout.

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