Does “Where are my keys again?” sound familiar? There’s not doubt that losing keys can ruin everyone’s day – because there’s always the thought that it might have been easily avoided. Now you have to call a locksmith and pay for his or her’s service!

How to stop losing your keys
How to stop losing your keys

How can you avoid these situations? Here are a couple of ideas what will help you stop losing your keys – and avoid an uncomfortable situation.


Keep a copy of your key with a someone you trust


It’s a good idea to leave a copy of your home key with a family member, friend, or trustworthy neighbor. Remember that if your original key is lost, the copy won’t help keep your home safe – after opening your door with the copy – you should change the lock!


In addition, it’s best not to pass around too many copies of your key. You might never know where they will end up, as they are liable to get lost as well.


Keyholders are the key


There are quite a few unique key holders that help you keep them safe and noticeable. For example: a keyholder that makes a “flash” sound, holders with an unforgeable shape, and today: keyholders with a built-in GPS that helps you locate it using apps!


You can also incorporate gadgets into your keyholders. A good example is a gadget that enables you to whistle your keyholder, and it will respond with either a beeping or a recorded massage!


Another example is adding an important USB to your keyholder that is constantly in use – so that you’ll keep a closer eye on it, and always on your mind.


Also, it helps making your keyholder heavy – A lighter keychain is easier to forget about. Adding a bottle opener, flashlights and etc’, all help making your keyholder heavier.


We hope some of these ideas will help you and furthermore – and keep your keys and home safe.

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