If there’s one daunting situation that’s commonly seen across all of New York City, it’s getting your keys to your locks misplaced, stolen or broken. No matter what the situation may be, there’s always a solution to every lock installation related problem at Volt Locksmiths NYC.


New Key Creation for Existing Locks
New Key Creation for Existing Locks

The significance of new key creation

Locks make up an important component of our day to day security system. Whether it’s your own home, office premises, commercial needs, emergency circumstances or issues related to your automotive too, existing locks give us the security, privacy and protection we need.

But when the other component of your lock system, we’re referring to keys here, are lost or misplaced, circumstances call for emergency help every step of the way. And that’s where we at Volt Locksmiths NYC step in.

As lock installation specialists, we always recommend clients to avoid replacing their entire lock system when they can get new keys created for locks that are working and serving at their ultimate best.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best practices in the locksmith services today to have your keys created or duplicated for locks that exist and function just fine.


Situations where new keys can be created for your functional locks?

Now that we’ve given you a basic overview of the importance key creation carries for your existing locks, it’s essential to be aware of situations where new keys can actually be created to serve your functional locks. And the best part being, we offer all of these services and more at our company.


Lost keys for a padlock system

Padlock systems are a common form of lock system employed in the business today. And with that comes issues relating to whether or not key replacement can be done for this type of lock.

The answer is yes. Our skilled technicians at Volt Locksmiths NYC can work to give you a complete set of key replacement for almost all types of existing lock installation systems today.


Key replacement done using existing lock model and type

Many customers in the Upper East Side of NYC come with concerns regarding whether or not key replacement can be done when you’ve misplaced all your keys and have nothing to duplicate.

The answer is simple, of course. Any skilled locksmith can identify and manipulate an existing lock model or type to get a desired set of functional keys.


New keys duplicated for the lock

Whether you wish to grant each family member with a key to your home or want to give certain employee keys to the office safe, we are your answer to the best key duplication services in the locksmith business today.


Key replacement for combination locks with a keyway on both the front and back

No matter how distinct or diverse your lock system may be, we at Volt Locksmiths possess the knowledge and experience on how to grant you complete key replacement. This includes combination locks with a keyway system as well as locks that are defective.


We are your guide to the finest new key creation of existing locks. Schedule an appointment with us today regarding any lock installation NYC queries you may be possessing. We would be more than glad to hear from you.

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