Have you lost your Car Keys or got locked out in a car in the middle of the highway? There is no one nearby. Whether you have lost the car keys or are facing a car lockout, you may utilize the basic ways to unlock the car immediately.

Using tennis ball

It may sound impractical but it works. Burn the tennis ball in a particular point or make a hole into it and then place the burnt or screwed up point of the ball over the keyhole and create pressure. It produces air that travels through the point and unlocks the car.

Utilizing a rod and a screwdriver

You may use the rod and a screwdriver to open the car door. However, the process can be risky as it may damage the exterior and interior of the car. Try to create the space by utilizing the screwdriver and then apply some pressure to the lock with the rod to open the door.

Utilizing inflatable wedge

It also works in the previous method. However, the only difference is that it produces pressure by using the air instead of a rod and a screwdriver. This tool can help you to open a car door in the shortest time without any damage. However, the tool can be costly.

Using spatula

If you have lost your Car Keys but you don’t have any of the mentioned objects, you can even use a spatula to unlock the door of a car. Try to insert the liver and then push the spatula to lift and unlock the system.

Consulting an emergency locksmith

Well, if you have tried all the ways but nothing works for you or if you can’t utilize the methods in a proper way, please consult an emergency locksmith to get rid of the Car lockout easily. You can call at +1 (212) 631-1131 to book an emergency locksmith.

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