The lock to your home is the hallmark of your security – and the first barrier to would be trespassers.

Choosing the right lock for your home
Choosing the right lock for your home

There are many kinds of doors, made of different materials, with a wide array of designs. But – the door is not the singular guarantee to prevent break-ins.


Therefore, one must choose the right lock that not only helps to keep you and your valuables safe, but fits your conditions.


Before choosing the right lock for your home – make sure you employ a certified locksmith who was trained in an established and well known institute!


Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right lock fo yout home:


The right budget


The price range for locks can start as low as 20$, and can go as high as a few thousands! If your budget is low, you can safely settle for a standard lock. A higher budget allows you to add extra features to your home security, such as an extra lock for your door.


Do you live at a home you own or pay rent? This is an extra consideration – if you own your home, you should invest in a higher quality lock. They last longer and are much more durable than standards locks.


On the other hand, if you pay rent you shouldn’t put too much money on your lock – the home is not yours, and new occupants usually change locks when they move in. There’s not point in paying for a higher grade lock, if it’s going to be replaced in a short while anyway.


An apartment or a house


There are different considerations with locks when dealing with apartments in a larger building or a home that stands as its own unit.


In an apartment, it’s a good idea to invest in good bars to your windows and a solid lock to your door. If you live in a house on the other hand, with multiple entrances, you should put good locks on all of them.




Unfortunately, there are areas in NYC that are more prone to break-ins than others. This depends on multiple factors that are out of your control. What you -can- do is invest in a proper defence – a good quality lock, an extra lock to your entrance, etc’.


We hope these tips help you keep your home safe – without draining your wallet needlessly. Investing in defence, though, is always a good idea – not just for your own sake and peace

of mind – but for safety of your loved ones and valuables.

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