Have you experienced such a situation when you find that you have lost your car keys? Suppose, you have got ready for the office and found that you have lost your car keys and  can’t get access to the car. But the problem is that you have an urgent meeting in the next one hour. What will you do in such a situation? Either you have to get access to your car or otherwise, you have to miss the meeting.

However, losing the car keys is a very common incident that happens every year with lots of people. But making the right decision at the right time can help you to get rid of such a situation. Here, we have brought some basic steps that you may undertake to get rid of such a situation. Let’s have a look at them.

Try to find the car keys in your pockets

Please, try to find the car keys in the pocket of your suits. Sometimes, it may happen that you have the keys with you but you are finding it here and there.

Make sure not to hurt the door of the car

Sometimes, it happens that we try to use force to open the car door and being desperate, we end up hurting the door of the car. Don’t do it at any cost.

Try DIY process

Please try DIY  processes. There are many processes available on YouTube that can guide you how you can open a car door without car keys. Try them at your convenience and however, using inflatable wedge can be the best technique.

Call at (212) 631-1131 to hire an emergency locksmith

However, if you are tired of trying all the ways but nothing works, the best way is to consult a professional locksmith to deal with Car lockout related services. Professionals help you to get duplicate car keys within a few minutes. Call the mentioned number to learn more

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