Are you Looking for a Technologically Advanced Locksmith Service?

A locksmith does not just repair and replace locks. There is more to locksmiths than just this, and with the recent technology developments and advancements, locks and security systems have evolved tremendously. Upper east side locksmith services experts are well experienced and have advanced with the current technology to handle any issue. Our tools are also up to date, and therefore, we offer quality and efficient services.

Upper east side locksmith services         

Types of Locksmith services offered

Our locksmith services are inclusive of some residential, commercial and automotive services. These services include;

  1. Door and window fitting

Our experts have the experience to fit any type of door furniture and fix broken windows. We can handle letter-boxes, smashed door panes and new door handles amongst others.

  1. Alarm fittings

We install a wide range of alarm systems. Therefore, whether you want to set up a full security alarm or install a burglar alarm, our experts have the experience to offer this service.

  1. Master Key system and installation

Our trained experts will create you a master key copy that will enable unlock any number of locks within your industry that are keyed to multiple keys. This will thus discourage making copies of multiple keys as you will have only one ‘master key’ that is able to access any lock.

  1. Safe repair and installation

Call us today to install or repair your safe and protect your valued personal items and documents. We also provide other safe services such as opening safes, changing safe combinations, modification of safe locks and moving of safes from one location to another amongst others.

  1. House lockouts

There is nothing as frustrating as being locked out of your house especially at night or when it is raining. Our emergency locksmiths, who are just a few minutes away will assist you promptly while figuring out the least way to cause damage. We also provide solutions such as key replacement, professional lock picking, and keyless entry installation.

  1. Lock changing

The main reasons for changing locks range from loss of keys, break-ins to moving into a new home. No matter the reason, our experts have the experience and tools to assist you with this service. Upper east side locksmith 24 hours has experience with a wide range of lock replacements including; front door lock change, rear entry lock change and window lock change amongst others.

  1. Door adjustments and replacements

Every business and homeowner want to keep their businesses and house doors functional and safe always. The ability of a door to lock or close properly can be affected by a variety of elements. Trust our experienced and well-equipped experts to handle all these elements.

  1. File cabinet and desk lock repair and/or installation

It is very important for everyone to keep their personal documents safe and private. Therefore, count on us to repair broken file cabinets locks and desks, install new desk drawers and cabinets and even replace lost cabinet and desk keys as well.

          Why you should call us!

  • All our services are fully insured
  • We are prompt
  • No VAT is charged for any of our services or parts thus making us cheaper
  • We give a 12-month guarantee for every new part fitted
  • No deposits at all. Only pay when satisfied with our services

For these services, simply give us a call, and we will aim to provide quality services with minimum or no damage and disruption.

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