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With the help of our experienced experts, upper east side locksmith offers reliable and fast car locksmith services to all customers. We understand that each car is different and therefore, our experts are well trained and have the experience required to handle all car models without any difficulty. Our vans are always fully equipped with up to date hardware, tools, products, and repair parts to ensure that each task that we are required to perform is done efficiently and fast with no damage to your car.

Upper East Side Car Locksmith
Upper East Side Car Locksmith

          Car Locksmith Services Offered

  1. Retrieval of locked keys in the trunk

Whatever the reason of your locked keys in the trunk, our well-equipped experts will open the car in no time. Even with the new safety features of your car, our experts have the skills and knowledge of the latest security features required to get into any car model.

  1. Car key duplication

Not anyone can duplicate car keys as it requires well trained and experienced experts to duplicate the cars for it to work correctly. We can duplicate your car keys without causing any problems.

  1. Extraction of car keys

Whether the key is broken or stuck in one of the locks, we can fix this. This will be done promptly by our experts regardless of the placement.

  1. Replacement of car keys

There are many cars nowadays that cannot be opened by any means. Trust our experienced experts who will use a code machine to make a key for your car. If you lost your keys and lacked a duplicate, we will make you another key. Our services are secure against most types of lockouts.



  1. Car Lockout

There is nothing as stressful as being locked out of your car. Do not just let anyone open your car because if an improper method is used, it can damage your car. Therefore, with our vast array of tools, we will open your door without causing any damage.

  1. 6. Key Fob Replacement

Key fobs have an updated technology nowadays as it does not only involve unlocking and locking car doors. Our experts are up to date with the modern technology and can replace any type of key fob without difficulties. Whether it is a smart key or an old-school door opener, our experts will replace this for you quickly.

  1. Car key cutting

Car manufacturers always use diverse types of key blanks. Our well-trained experts will guarantee that the correct key blank is being cut.

  1. Ignition replacement

Just like car keys, car ignition can also stop working at any time. Therefore, our experts are just a phone call away and will sort out all your ignition-related problems in no time.  We also solve other car ignition issues such as ignition switch repair, ignition lock installation, switch replacement, ignition lock repair and ignition re-key amongst others.

  1. Boot lockout

Although this is rare it can happen. If this happens to you, do not panic but call us immediately. Our experts are always prepared for any issue and will resolve all your car boot issues fast.

          Why we are the best!

  • We work 24/7, 365 days including public holidays and weekends
  • We are always just 20 minutes away
  • Our prices are affordable and impossible to beat
  • No extra fees charged for non-business hours

With our certified experts, upper east side locksmith will solve all your car issues in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner.


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