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    Security Solutions: Alarms Systems In Junction City, Manhattan!

    Our company was founded in 2002, to provide professionally designed and installed security systems (home and business). Today, with the best experienced security professionals in the field, we serve clients throughout Junction City, Manhattan. Our expertise will help you to create the most suitable security strategy to match your goals at the best price.

    Our services include home security systems, commercial security systems, fire alarms, 24-hour monitoring, commercial video surveillance, access control, codeless entry, medical alarms, intercoms, panic buttons, and silent alarms. All our products and services are backed by guarantee.

    Our company provides service, installation, and round-the-clock monitoring for commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

    Our specialty is installing, servicing, and monitoring your completely customized and integrated security solutions.

    Our main goal is to serve all of your security needs and we are confident that you would be very satisfied with our products and solutions.

    Residential & Commercial

    * Home Security Systems
    * Commercial Security Systems
    * Fire Alarms
    * 24 Hour Monitoring
    * Commercial Video Surveillance
    * Access Control
    * Codeless Entry
    * Medical Alarms
    * Intercoms
    * Panic Buttons
    * Silent Alarms

    Your customized home or business security system can come with such options as:

    * User-friendly keypad control to activate or deactivate your system with the push of a button
    * Door and window sensors that detect when a door or window opens
    * Sensors that detect the frequency of breaking glass
    * Smoke detectors that sense fires and then call your fire department
    * Motion detectors and body heat sensors to detect intruders
    * Carbon monoxide detectors
    * Extreme temperature sensors
    * Cameras and other video surveillance

    Reliable and Innovative Security Systems

    At Volt Locksmith, we know crimes can happen at the speed of light. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our customers with rapid, dependable, qualified and courteous locksmith services all throughout New York.