When you think of door lock repair, a number of things come to mind. And right before you term your problem as a door lock repair issue, it’s important to understand what all comes underneath this particular heading.

It’s best to take assistance from experienced locksmiths whenever you’re facing lock issues. These professionals are able to distinguish between what could possibly be causing your door lock to behave in such a manner.

To help give you a clearer understanding of what kinds of door lock repair issues we’re surrounded with today, we’ve listed down the most common ones of them all. Let’s take a look.


Door Lock Repair Services
Door Lock Repair Services

A broken key in the lock

Many locksmiths are called in to fix client issues related to their key breaking inside the lock. And with no adequate means of gaining retrieval, it kind of leaves you in a situation where you’re stuck and helpless.

There are several reasons as to why such an outcome may occur. The most common could be related to too much pressure being applied to get your lock to open, causing the key to break right inside the lock. And this is termed as an easy access for intruders to breach security into your office, home, safe or other personal assets.

So what’s the solution? If the key extends into the outer portion of the lock, any locksmith 10128 can extract it by lubricating the key. However if the key isn’t visible, a broken extraction tool must be used.


Malfunctioning deadbolt

Another common cause of door lock repair is when there is a malfunctioning deadbolt. And this usually occurs due to the internal parts not being aligned appropriately, in specific the strike plate.

Calling a professional locksmith will allow you to gain access to the real cause of the problem and if it is the strike plate indeed, proper alignment must be done. In other situations, fling of the deadbolt may be required to enable it to sit comfortably on the strike plate.


Turning of the lock cylinder

Whenever you turn any door’s handle/knob and realize that the entire cylinder moves, then a lock repair issue needs to be looked at immediately.

Every lock cylinder stays firmly in place by a series of set screws. If those set screws break, become loose or get lost, you’ve got a problem in place.

Most situations are simple, requiring complete tightening or replacing of screws by your local locksmith to prevent any mishaps in the future.


Slowing down of your door lock mechanism

Every door’s locking mechanism serves as an intricate piece of hardware. Many factors may lead to your door lock mechanism malfunctioning, slowing down the process through which you open your door.

These include freezing conditions jamming the interior components, dirt/grit being caught in between or simply the inner parts becoming worn out or loose. Call up your local locksmith to assess your lock problem, enabling your lock to function correctly.


Misaligned latch

Extreme weather conditions take a toll on your lock mechanisms as well. Stripping of the inner portion of the latch can cause it to become misaligned and unable to fit properly. Your local locksmith should be given a call, which will assess the problem and prepare for an easy fix.


Troubleshooting your door lock repair problems and not consulting a professional locksmith can put your security at risk. Let the experts handle these issues and enable you and your loved ones to enjoy a safe and secure environment.

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