Even if you think you posses a firm grasp on mechanical and technical terms, you should leave the art of lock breaking to a professional locksmith. You might damage the lock, your tools, and perhaps even your hands whilst attempting to get that door open.

A professional locksmith is certified and qualified to deal with locks – and while you might be more “technical” than him or her, they are the ones with the relative knowledge. And as we all know – knowledge is power.


What are the exact risks when self breaking into your home or business? Here’s a brief overview:  


Damaged locks


Damaging your lock is the main issue that might pop up should you attempt to break in by yourself. Not only will the door remain locked – the lock itself will become degraded, thereby making it harder to manipulate and replace by the inevitable locksmith.


Because dealing with the lock will become harder, it will take longer for the locksmith to deal with it – resulting in a more expensive service. It’s best to not even get there – if your door got shut or locked without a key – simply call a locksmith 10128.


Damaged hands


Breaking in involves use of heavy tools used for one purpose – bypassing a sturdy door and a durable lock. When using these tools one might get hurt. This is not work for anyone – it required specific training and experience.   

Damaged tools

Screwdrivers, electric discs and drills are not cheap tools. Using them wrong, especially when the user is not properly trained in their use, can result in them being degraded or even breaking. This is a costly endeavor – so it’s best to call and wait for a professional locksmith. Most importantly – never try to manipulate a lock by yourself if your don’t have the relevant key!  


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