The Latest Trends in the Lock Industry
The concept of home security in general, and locks and particular, saw profound change in recent years – from conventional locks and keys, the world is gradually adapting to new trends – such as wireless locks that connects to your IP, and locks that can interface with the smart home. Or in other words, digital locks.

The Latest Trends in the Lock Industry

In this article we’ll showcase some of the latest digital locks that have taken the lock industry by storm. Here we go!

Lock your door using Bluetooth

While on the market for a while, bluetooth locks are still new to newcomers to those unfamiliar with the latest lock tech.

Using your smartphone and apps, you can lock and unlock your door lock with a click or a swipe. You can also add users who can interface with the lock, and restrict use for certain times of the day – if the lock in question is used to lock a shop or office.


The only drawback of bluetooth locks is the range – you can’t lock and unlock your lock from anywhere – unless you have access to Wi-Fi that will enable you to interface without getting close.


The smart home

The smart home, meaning that appliances, lights, and other electronics in it are connected, is now a reality. Locks are now also a part of this equation. For example: In the smart home, the lights will turn off once you lock your door, and turn back on once you unlock it.

Like bluetooth locks, smart home locks can also be controlled using apps on your smartphone. The difference here is that the lock is now connected, and therefore, much more comparable and intuitive to handle.


The future

The latest trend now is using the cloud, and only now do companies start to develop ways to interface between it and home security systems – such as door locks, in this case.

But the reality remains the same – we want our home, valuables and loved ones to be safe, and reliable and durable home security systems allow just that, but technology marches on and some locksmiths have trouble keeping up.  

The trick here is finding the upper east side locksmith that not only knows and follows these trends, staying ahead in their field with the relative knowledge and expertise, but can also remain reliable, trustworthy, and professional in their conduct.


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