You are likely to need the services of a locksmith at some point in your life be it an automotive locksmith or a residential locksmith. If you are looking to hire a locksmith, you must find one that is qualified and trustworthy. This might seem obvious, but some people end up hiring unprofessional and shady people posing as professional locksmiths. It may also get frustrating finding an upper east side locksmith if you have never had any experience with one before. Finding someone that you can trust with your security system may not be so hard if you follow some of the following tips on choosing the right locksmith.

Upper east side pop a lock
Upper east side pop a lock

Ask a friend for recommendations

You probably trust your family and friends more than you do strangers. It is faster and easier picking up the phone and asking a couple of friends for their locksmith’s contacts. If they disliked the quality of services provides by a certain locksmith, then they will warn you in advance. In case you do not have anyone to ask for recommendations then your insurance company may be your second option since they might have a list of reputable locksmiths.

Do thorough research

Before you contact anyone, make sure that you have vital information about the services they provide. Find out if they are licensed, insured and bonded. Find out how many years of experience they have. Read the reviews and ratings that people have posted about them and do not settle on one locksmith instead, find a number and start comparing them. This may take a while and is not useful to those who need a locksmith right away.

Ask for their price rates

A locksmith who is well informed about his services will know right away what the problem might be and how much he will charge you for his services. He will not seek to exploit you after finding out what neighborhood you live in after you give them your address. Getting the estimate up front will also enable you to plan how to spend your money without meeting unexpected bills.

Verify their credentials when they arrive

      Do not hesitate to ask the locksmith for his identification and business cards. Make sure the information matches what they had previously told you when you called. Look for proof of insurance and ask for a written estimate as per what you had previously discussed. If he or she presents you with documents to sign, be sure to read and understand every detail before signing. When a locksmith provides with you all the above, then he is professional.

Observe everything that the locksmith does

It may seem peculiar or awkward standing behind the locksmith as he works but this may be a lifesaver. A locksmith that is willing to talk you through the procedure and explain to you exactly what he is doing is better than that one who keeps quiet and is not forthcoming with information. Make sure that the locksmith does what he came there to do.

      Lastly, save their information

      Once the locksmith has completed his work, do not forget to get an invoice that includes all the fees and keep this safe for future reference. This may serve as evidence or in case you need his or her services again if you are satisfied with the work done.

      With the above tips, you can see that our upper east side locksmith services are credible, professional and that we are your trustworthy partners when it comes to popping your locks.


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