Keeping our home safe is the one of the most important things contributing to your peace of mind.

Every one of us wants to know that when we’re not home, our loved ones and valuables are safe – and that no one can suddenly enter our home. In addition, no one wants to be stuck out of their home due to an old and worn out key.

Why you should change your lock every 3 to 5 years
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So – we recommend that you change your lock every few years, 3-5 or so, and keep it maintained.


Here are the reasons why you should change your lock every few years:


Lock degradation


Every lock and key, no matter their quality, will get worn out with time. Time will ravage even the best made locks and keys. The only difference is how long it takes.


Even when there’s no signs, and the key opens the lock without issue, you shouldn’t wait for the last minute – and change the lock once every 5 years or so.


Duplicate keys


Even if you kept your key close and never lost it, it might still have been duplicated. These days, when there are automated key duplicators, it can only take a moment. Better safe than sorry!


Creaky lock


If your lock creaks when manipulated, it means it’s severely worn out. It’s best not to wait till you are left outside with either a broken key or a jammed lock.


Keep your home safe


When you change your lock every 5 years or so, you can be sure that only the people you chose will have copies of you key – and access to your home.


You will also avoid being stuck outside your home with a broken lock and/or key.


After changing your lock, it’s paramount that you make sure the lock is properly and professionally oiled.


That way, you’ll keep your home, loved ones and valuables  safe for years without worry.


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