While there are many locksmith companies and services in New York City, all offering different specialties, there are a few basic expectations from them, no matter the service rendered.

What to expect from a locksmith company

First and foremost, you should expect expert advice and service, be it a car (auto) locksmith or a residential locksmith – the professional should know what he or she is doing. Consequently, you should also expect satisfactory results.

Eventually, it all hinges on the type of service you require. So, to help shape your expectations if you are unfamiliar with the profession, here is a brief explanation of the different kinds of locksmiths, and the services they offer.


Car (Auto) locksmith

A car locksmith is usually called to help in situations that require locksmith services that involve cars – such as cases when a client is locked out of his or her car – either with the keys inside the car or lost altogether – and breaking the car key in the ignition.

You can expect the car locksmith to have special tools that allows easy entry and car opening, as well of extensive knowledge about the different locking mechanism to each model and type of car available.


Residential locksmith

A Residential locksmith deals with installation and repair of various locks, for both homes and businesses in New York City. You can expect him to be knowledgeable about the pros and cons of different kinds of locks – and which are best suited for you.

The Residential locksmith can also help in cases when you lost your keys or had them stolen. The locksmith in 10128 can break back into your home and replace your lock with a new one – so that no one can use your missing key again, making it useless.


Know the difference

Depending on your emergency, you should contact the local companies in the NYC area and ask about the specific service you need – be it your car or your home.

We hope this article helped you not only to know the difference between the different types pf locksmiths, to know what service to expert – leaving you both satisfied, knowing you spent your money well.

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