If you want to make sure your valuables, sensitive documents and other essentials are safe and sound – a keypad is a good choice for you.

Until now, a keypad was a pricy investment, viable only to commercial establishments and those who can afford them.

But today anyone can have a keypad installed in their home or office – thanks to the ever-constant march of technology. With each step, traditional locks are essentially becoming obsolete: keypads are not only more advanced, but are getting cheaper by the day.

Other than that, there are many more reasons to get a keypad – making the traditional lock essentially obsolete. Here we go:  


You don’t need a key anymore

You can forget about misplacing or forgetting your key – or even carrying one in the first place. You can commute to and from work in peace, knowing that the only thing you need is a secret combination of numbers.  


It enhances your home and office security

A keypad is a much safer, lockless alternative than a normal key lock. Using technology, it’s no longer possible for someone to make a physical copy of your key in order to break in – there’s no lock! In addition, no lock means no lockpicking.

This means that the only way for someone to enter your home or office is to know the secret combination. The only key is in your head!


Scheduled locking and unlocking

It’s possible to schedule when you want to lock and unlock keypad enabled doors in your home and business. This is very useful in businesses that must bar entry in certain hours of the day, and home owners who wish to lock their doors at night without locking them manually.


Keypads are durable

Traditional locks and keys tend to get worn out with time and use. Eventually, either the key or the lock will break – the most unfortunate case is when your old key breaks inside the lock, keeping you locked outside until a professional comes to your rescue, for a steep price.

This is not the case with keypads. There are no constant mechanics involved – just punch the numbers and you’re in, without the hassle.  


Upgrading your lock to a keypad might seem like an issue that needs getting used to – but it’s an investment that pays dividends in the long run – not only financially, but helps your peace of mind. Your family, and your valuables, will thank you.

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