While Gotham has certainly gotten better over the years regarding one’s personal safety and his or her belongings, knowing all the new trends in the security scene is paramount to any New Yorker. You can never know when this info will be handy.

Types of doors in nyc
Types of doors in nyc

This article pertains to the first line of defense of any home or business: the security door. In general, as is in the Big Apple, it can be categorized as either an exterior or interior door.

What are the differences in function between them, and in particular: how do they perform regarding safety and security. Let’s get started.


Exterior doors

Exterior doors are, as their namesake implies, used mostly to prevent easy access from the outside world from into your home and business. As Such, they are mostly made from stronger material, such steel or hardwood.

They are usually double doors, allowing use of hidden magnetic locks and automatic locking, for extra security.

Exterior doors, due to their hardiness and additional security, works best as the main entry into your home and business.

But how do they open? In NYC there are many different types of security systems: such as card readers, keypads, radio signal receivers, Phone entry systems, and in recent years even dedicated apps!

The main story here is that all these systems are keyless. The reason is simple: It’s much harder for the common intruder to break into an area without the physical means, the key, needed to gain entry – they must have either a specific technological device, or password. This provides a much more effective deterrent than keyed locks.  


Interior doors

Unlike exterior doors, interior doors are usually not as compressive in their security measures – this is because they mostly form a “looser” separation – either inside an apartment complex, or separating offices.

Consequently, because advanced security systems can be quite pricy, traditional and cheaper locking mechanisms are used to lock Interior doors.

The most prevalent lock in interior doors is the Latch-based, spring loaded bolt, sometimes complemented by a deadbolt lock for extra security. A good example would be an apartment door within a residential building.


A basic need for any home owner

We hope this article helped you gain a basic understanding of security doors available at NYC.  Preventing unauthorized entry is a basic need for any home owner or office manager – the more you know, the better prepared you will become of push comes to shove.

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